Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a stranger in a familiar world

When you first get away from home to come to a 'home away from home' there's only one thing your thinking in your head, while laying in the plane..imagining how this new place is going to blow you away. For me peculiarly enough, i imagined the streets, the people and the lifestyle and thanks to my unquestionable love for the cinema and other media, my thoughts on my way to this new home left only one thought in my mind .. is this it? ? When i first reached Berlin , nothing much appealed to me for the first few days..the streets , the buildings, the landscape, the people..everything was too perfect to question , just the way i thought it would be!

So well i did assume that people would know that this is not my home, but soon enough i realized ..wait a minute i am still on earth, ain't i? this is it, this is my home. It may sound silly to call every place your in that moment your home, but its a strategy , its that sense of acceptance , that you respect and believe in the city your in, and then before you know it , the city has wrapped its arms around you, a warm welcome hug and just stays that way till you leave and take all those memories back with you on the plane to your part of the earth.

Not surprising that in the event of being here to pursue education in architecture , for the first few weeks i did feel like i didn't need to be home, this was my break and this was my chance to explore and do everything i have ever dreamed of doing. You know the only difference in this home and my very home is time. When you are , where you are forever, you tend to take time for granted. You feel like you have all your life in that one place and there's nothing more that you need to pass your time, it just flies. However this was not the way i felt in my new home. I knew it was to be a part of my life for only the time i was granted and that in this time i had to make the best of what i could. So here i was, walking on the streets , day by day they grew familiar to me, day by day i knew my way around the city and stopped feeling lost or scared .

Everyday at the train stations , its a dull moment . So here i was day by day getting 'dulled' with the rest, cause that's what you be a part of the city mood. But later when i started to take my music with me wherever i went, i started to look at things differently. Every one of those dull moments, would not be dull anymore. Every dull face i walked past on the station had a tune to it, and slowly i started to think about their lives, their routines and what could be done beyond a better infrastructure. The travel part is one of the most convenient things you would encounter when your here. There is nothing to be dull about, the trains are yellow, sunny and cheerful, loaded with people with different stories, different moods and not to forget different clothes. Its interesting how when you travel for a while in the train everyday and develop this sort of strange bond with your neighbors in the train, without talking or sometimes even looking, but you acknowledge. And then there are these days when a musician walks into the train and breaks the ice, strumming his instrument, getting people to tap their feet, finally assuring me some sign of life in the yellow carriers.

Everyday on the streets of Europe is a ramp walk to me. People are so attached to their appearance and its wonderful to see how people transform from one outfit to another. As materialistic as this may seem, its quite appealing for me. Even if your in a park just sitting and reading a book , bathing in the sun .. you simply cannot avoid the ramp walk. There is such an exclusive aura in all the stores and supermarkets here that one cannot help but look with awe. Its amazing the energy in these places. There's people being calculative, there's people just looking around for some luck and then there's of course the obsessive compulsive people who need to be there to let go of something else . And then people walk out of these places with immense happiness, something you'd miss sometimes on the streets. Spoilers or not, these places really cheer up people, personally for doesn't matter if your a customer or not, its enough that your the audience. The best way for me is to put on those glamorous shades and stroll around (the shades put you in character ), look around without people knowing where your looking at , but you'll always know whose looking at you.

So at the end of the first month, i started to feel more and more at home. What i now wanted to know was people. Enough of the looky looky i said to myself, i want to be a part of it all. So for the first time in my life and not the last, eric capton has always showed me the way. So here i was eager as i could be to witness his concert in europe, and so then i decide to use mark zuckerberg's networking medium to look for anyone interested in joining. And yes, mark's a genius. Though the concert looks unlikely now, i found company. So now things got a little more normal, i knew immediately that i was not the audience no more. So with company and all... this place became more of a home to me. But one thing always surprises me, all these people from all the world and meeting them and working with them, why is it that its soo amusing to them that they're associated now with an Indian....amuuuuuuuuuuuuuusing! I mean common if i'd never told them my nationality , i wonder how different things would've been. But this just got me thinking, being from India and not just Pakistan or Sri Lanka or China, but INDIA ,makes such a difference to what people want to know, they develop sort of this sudden interest in knowing about snake charmers and poverty. Its exciting to share knowledge and enlighten people, but at the same time a little shaken. At the end of the day its great to know that this planet , the way i look at it is my home, and that's the only thing that makes me feel at home no matter where i travel to, from the plane all you can see is green and blue and as you get closer you see a pattern of your destination. its thrilling the time your just about to land.

Well all said and wrote, i don't think there's anything like sitting in Berlin at a theater and watching the screening of a movie 'seven islands and a metro', yes a documentation on a place back 'home', so familiar to you and you suddenly feel yourself getting lost into the movie and the memories it brings back from a far away land. its magical. a perfect end to a perfect day in berlin for me was listening to a familiar number , seated amidst berliners....and nobody disagrees to the magic...and in the background slowly playing and soon fading away ..a golden voice ....

'mud mud ke na dekh mud mud ke'

its wonderful, its perfect and its reassuring yourself to live every moment and never look back and regret.

life is beautiful :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

i vow to-

well one most important thing about this city:

food-must visit mustafa's if your ever here and curry 36
bier bier bier bier- berliner kindl,pilsner,erdinger,schultheiss. love.
wein auch- all of them-mostly rotewein.
and well kleidung-ahhh just today i went windows shopping and i believe i can't resist-damn one needs to shop here i feel like the woman in 'confessions of a shopaholic' . even if your not one you will turn into one after coming here.
laaate night clubs-the best (yet to explore)

before i start missing it all .... hummmmmmpf!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

die Berliner

Landed a while back but blogging just now ! Well everytime i thought about blogging i thought to myself quite often..where should i start? Berlin is sure virgin to me :P but there's sooooo much one could say about this place just in two weeks. Firstly there's something insane about mood swings here. you know once you have them that you have definitely arrived here. And its always in sync with the weather. Its interesting how back in India i manage to never let the weather really get to my nerves .Surprising but yup. the first one week here i walked around the streets and i didn't really not feel at home but what was different was 'how much we walk here'. Back home i would never dream of walking 7 kms everyday but that's where i see the difference-The weather.You would never regret it here cause its just the right way to do it!But then there have been times when i would wake up and say-'where's the sun?' and then you just sink in back and walk around grumpy!Its okay here cause everyone you would meet would be that way too-well common 6 months of winter is immensely depressing. I wonder if it would be right for me to say in this context-India is overwhelmingly hot!

You know weather apart you would meet some really warm people here, no matter the weather-but only if your lucky. And yes i am!What's beautiful about sharing an apartment-flying half way across the world and staying with strangers-Wunderbar! At the end of the day you realise it doesn't make any difference really-its just the right people you need to meet-who cares then european or indian (or half Indian ..hehe). Then you have those beautiful days where you can just relax and sip on some wine-smoke a few and learn how to too :P and talk about nothing at all.You know its weird cause one minute you feel like 'wait a minute i'm in a strange land ' and then when your home sitting with friends you realise this could be just anywhere in the world and it wouldn't make a difference. There are somethings you enjoy so much more in good company and for me i realised i may kill myself sooner but i love the time i spend with my friend here laying in the balcony and smoking and talking about- 'smoking can kill us, we must cut down' and then you have another wise friend who would come around to make you feel better and say to you 'hey it's better that you burn away, than fade away'..haha.

ich möchte Deutsch lernen
aber das ist so schwer
ich versuche und versuche
aber das ist so schwer
man kann nicht 'deny'
ich liebe berlin und ja

a link to one of my first few favourite german songs-peter fox.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well i could've easily been one of those millions who would've probably stood in line to go watch sex and the city, but i guess shoes and bags ain't my cup of tea. Am glad i went for this flick, and am proud of those few bored souls who atleast came for the heck of sitting in an air conditioned theatre and inturn watched it!! This is one movie which i feel has managed to provoke everyone to think.Its basically this story of a financially well settled type of guy , who is returning back home to Bombay to visit his loving family and the story takes a turn right from scene one and keeps you engrossed throughout till the end where he finds out he has been embroiled in a bombing conspiracy and victimized by his community men. Its not one of those inter religious kinda movies, inface this one's deeper, its probably something you and me wouldn't have thought happens, but well it surely does. Its a movie that portrays intra-religious affairs with great sensititivity and keeping in mind the delicate issues of the society. No big frills attached to this movie, the plot is new and small screen star RAJEEV KHANDELWAL, has performed exceptionally well for being a debutant actor. The gali scenes where all the chasing and action with the very prominent bright red suitcase hugged to his body in the film is happening gets you quite excited . He's emoted his expressions of helplessness and worry exceptionally well. And certain scenes in the movie have been shot brilliantly, especially the ones in dark with the vicious villain guy and also the one in the bus towards the end of the film. The background music is fabulous and sets in this perfect mood to watch the film, every track is a masterpiece, precisely fitted into the movie.the one defect i found very obvious was the tag line of the film.... "who says man writes his own destiny", with relevance to the film, i think he , Aamir, does decide his destiny eventually.

Hope you guys catch this film ASAP. this one deserves to be watched!
and by the way sex and the city aint too bad , sorry to those who loved it :p

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

conoor, lovely conoor and red hills :)

last trip i took with my friends was to this lovely little grren hub called conoor.firstly its situated just 3 hours from mysore, but due to the rugged terrain in ooty, it took us nearly five hours or so. but every bit is worth. on your way to conoor, your tightly wrapped around with nature everywhere, beautiful green and untouched by the city pollution.our accomodation was a beautiful house by the estates, a friends house actually and the architecture, typically british..lovely wooden trusses and king posts..typical upholstery and windows.its like this place left untouched after the britisher's left. infact this style can be seen throughout the town..its simply classy. another thing i was quite impressed about was the lifestyle people have here, very british again. there's the conoor club which is like one of the very few good places there and almost everyone there knows everyone. its like this small family, which is practically the entire township, lol. grandmas and grandpas come early evenings and play poker and blackjack till late evenings accompanied with their favourite tit bits to munch on and a drink ofcourse. let me tell you something, in a place like that its a crime not to drink!! well and the youngsters, that's supposedly us, have lots to engage in like tennis, table tennis and badminton. i however prefer staying indoors for the simple reason its cosy and im from chennai, cold weather bites me!every may 31st theres this event called the 'gala night' which is held its apparently the biggest and all the members of the club put up this cultural program and they have a week long of sports for all ages! super!then theres this huge feast, great food basically and people dancing through rest of the night, drunk people laughing loudly and women gossiping little kids creating a racket...its super noisy..but great fun!!!

a friend of mine from college apparently owns a resort at this place , few feet above ooty called red hills. its a view beyond imagination from there, probably nature at its best i'd say, oh if your lucky enough you'll see panthers around and bisons are a common site ( we saw them lazing around). well we visited her resort and being off season the only guests she had were us. we had a great time there, lovely food again and ooty chocolates!! its a place one must visit.

well so if you plan to take a trip round the corner next time, think conoor!


view from the red hills

yummy food, happy tummy



apologies firstly, didnt have the time to update! sowee!
Anyway continuing from where i left, after pune and its bazaars..we were headed to mahabaleshwar, a tiny stop in between our two major destinations, one being pune and the other aurangabad ofcourse. hmmmm well so mahabaleshwar, this place is a paradise on earth, a beautiful hill station not tiny at all actually and some of the most scenic sites on earth exist right here. fresh strawberries with rich whipped cream is a site in itself. and lucky us, we were there in time for the strawberry season! and accomodation wise, we had the best one here..lived like dirt cheap rates..super place in short. we visited the shivaji rao gaekwad's memorial there, a beautiful place and the view from the top is simple breath taking! the ajanta and ellora caves we visited were par excellence , the architecture is simple astinishing to see for the times they were built during.the hindu caves especially i found very very inticately carved and each and every wall depicitng a story of its own. though the jain caves were a bit to intricate, it was well applauded effort. and am talking centuries ago! well apart from all this, on the whole the trip was a lovely gastranomic tour and i would definitely love to be back and see more :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

am almost done with teenage-hood!

yayyyyyy am NINEteeen...and my mom just called me a careless girl...ah..feels good..was dying to hear such words from her...damn hate being the perfect the careless tag..its a compliment!!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Its been just a few days since i got back from a so called study tour to maharashtra, was a little disappointing from a traveller's point of view, didnt get to see much in almost all the places we vistited which includes, lonavala,pune,mahabaleshwar and aurangabad. Well, but my trip never falls short of adventures.Another disappointing thing was most of the places we saw were from the bus and got down at very few places, bet walking wouldve done a lot good. As i was saying adventure...well i got onto a lorry simply for the heck of it, like they show in movies,direct your thumb for a signal and whoa! the dude stopped, he actually thought we were a bunch of thirsty travellers,lol he got a lil pissed when he found out we were less than half a kilometer from our destination. bottomline,was fun!oh and our lovely driver got drunk,so got stuck on the middle of the highway , asked him to sleep a bit till he gets "un-drunk" , after all that jazz we make it to pune and our bus runs out of diesel on the main road, LOL! Basically we then travelled for 14 hours straight till we reached our next destination, and all you MALLUS attention...the DHABA we stopped at was owned by a god damn freaking MAL ...sheeeesh! but u guys food sucked there...HA!Oh and btw the first thing we see on entering pune, KERALA JEWELLERS, and i was sitting next to this mental mal, who turned and gave me this grin which i deciphered as " ha! ...ha! we rock.." ...That moment i gave in, am like seriously u guys must've have done something to be everywhere, every friggin place...huff! And on reaching aurangabad, i find out my louly louly fone has got some virus and all of a sudden i realise am on roaming and check my balance just incase, it said "your balance is -30" arrrggghh! But in a way i was happy that i had the golden opportunity to switch off my phone and not answer anyone, like a responsibility less.lolly :p But well at the end of the trip, i kinda wanted to head back to pune cause well thats the place WE WENT PARTYING IN LE MERIDIAN TILL ONE IN THE NIGHT, THE PLACE WHERE WE ABSOLUTELY DID NOTHING AND WHICH BTW WAS ONE OF THE BEST PLACES WE SAW IN THE TRIP. i promised myself ill be back jus for the heck of it, for the cheese crossoint (excuse the spelling)and the osho ashram ;) be continued.....